Container of trailer collection

Do you need to recycle your paper and your cardboard? We can help determine the best way possible to do just that.

If you have high volume of recyclables, a container or trailer collection may be the answer to your needs. We recycle your cardboard with the help of a large container ( from 20-80 cubic yards) of compacted material.

Our compactors are made- to- measure based on the required pressure, the compacting capacity and the quantity of recycled material produced. Since the compactor is generally attached to the existing building, the installation is dependant upon the available space.

Container or trailer collection is well- suited for companies having large volumes of pallets and/or bales of cardboard.   Profile of typical recycling client:

  • High volume industries and businesses
  • Printers, newspaper and magazine distributors
  • Commercial and manufacturing enterprises
  • Grocery stores, commercial malls, warehouses, etc…  

Our knowledgeable staff will take the time to evaluate all of your recycling needs and propose to you a functional program.



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